NEW: Jukes PRO
NEW: Jukes PRO
NEW: Jukes PRO
NEW: Jukes PRO
NEW: Jukes PRO
NEW: Jukes PRO

NEW: Jukes PRO

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Meet Jukes PRO.

The high-performance Pro is designed for high performance and elite athletes trained by extraordinary coaches at the world's greatest clubs.

Jukes Pro has better audio clarity over longer distances and multi-athlete training from just one transmitter and coach with up to seven different channels 'live' at the same time for the coach to switch between conversations. 

  • For athletes
    • Listen to your coach while pool or freshwater training
    • IPX-8 Waterproof to 1m for 30mins, or deeper for short periods
    • Bone conduction, keeping ears clear
    • Volume control to improve non-water audio clarity
    • Lightweight
  • For Coaches
    • Speak to athletes, play music or stroke beeps to them
    • Real-time feedback to improve talent in freshwater lakes or the pool
    • Crystal clear audio up to 150m indoor, 750m-1km outdoor
    • 7 channels to coach seven concurrent lanes or athletes
    • Magnetic charging with a fully sealed headset

Jukes Pro is compatible with the Jukes One transmitter. Mixing Jukes One and Pro headsets will work with a single transmitter but concurrent channel communication will not work on the Jukes One headset.

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