NEW: Jukes Two Saltwater System

NEW: Jukes Two Saltwater System

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Meet Jukes TWO.

If you need radio communication with your athlete(s) in saltwater for sea training and freshwater work in pools and lakes this is the right product.

  • For athletes
    • Listen to your coach while swimming, kayaking or sailing
    • IPX-8 Waterproof to 1m for 30mins, or deeper for short periods
    • Bone conduction, keeping ears clear
    • Lightweight
  • For Coaches
    • Speak to swimmers, play music or stroke beeps to them
    • Real-time feedback to improve talent out at sea or the pool
    • Crystal clear audio up to 150m indoor, 750m-1km outdoor
    • 7 channels to coach multiple lanes or groups
    • Magnetic charging with a fully sealed headset

This product is the perfect starting point as it includes a headset, radio transmitter, wired microphone and the AUX adaptor to have private conversations.

Jukes Two and its transmitter is not backwards compatible with Jukes One or its transmitter. Each coach will only be able to communicate with its own headsets on any of the available seven channels.  

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