Jukes Tribe

Welcome to the Jukes Tribe


Jukes isn’t just a headset. It’s a community.


When you buy a headset package, you become part of the Jukes Tribe of swim coaches and clubs.

We help each other to get the best we can out of every swim...whether that’s a beginner’s first splash, or a challenging open water race.

Inside the Tribe, you’ll get:

  • A 1:1 call with a Tribe leader to help you get your headsets set up right, so that your students get more effective coaching from the very first session (with no tech hiccups).
  • Access to our private Jukes Tribe forum, where you can talk with other professionals. You’ll find out how they’re using Jukes to improve communication, help students perform better and attract more clients.
  • For Squad and Club packages, an optional 30-minute training session for your coaches, so that everyone in your club can use, and make the most of, your Jukes headsets.


Contact us anytime at tribe@myjukes.com