Jukes Tribe

Welcome to the Jukes Tribe


Every person and club that buy a Jukes headset package to improve their training will become a member of the Jukes Tribe. This programme will expand over time but to help get you started we do the following: 

 - Connect you with a Tribe leader for a one-on-one phone call to help you set up your new Jukes headsets

 - Access to a forum with other people and clubs that own Jukes to discuss how you can use Jukes to improve swimming sessions for your athletes

 - Request a visit from a Tribe leader to give a 30minute training session using Jukes so your coaching staff can get up to speed faster


We're just starting out so things are a little manual at the moment but we are planning for a secure log-in section for Tribe members. In the meantime, please email tribe@myjukes.com to access the Tribe.