Frequently Asked Questions

Headsets & Demo Kit

Is Jukes suitable for social distancing on poolside?

This depends on your clubs and swimming pool view of the rules. Jukes headsets enable you to stand a safe distance from all swimmers throughout the session while keeping your coaching high quality and timely. Using Jukes also means using inside voice so no more shouting which would have been a risk. However, sharing headsets between swimmers requires you to properly clean each headset after use, preferably using gloves. We recommend anti-bacterial wipes then rinse-off in clean water.

Why do you charge for the demo kit?

We charge £25. Of that, £10 contributes to the cost of refreshing the three demo kits every 9-12months at a cost of around £1,200. We also ask you to pay the standard shipping charge of £15 to insure, track and use a signed for service so no one is at risk of being out of pocket if a demo kit goes missing.

How long do I have the demo kit for?

You have full use of the demo kit for up to two weeks.

How do I return the kit to you?

Please clean the kit with an anti-bacterial wipe (or similar) before sending back to us. Try and re-use the packaging we sent the kit in, then use Royal Mail's Special Delivery service to ensure it is insured, tracked and signed for on its way back to us. Our return address will be pre-printed in the document sleeve on the outside of the delivery box.

How waterproof are the headsets? What about salt?

In freshwater the headsets are waterproof to 3m for 30mins. Unless you are diving with tanks you won't hold your breath that long! Swimmers can go about 1m deep for as long as the battery does - about 2.5hours. Please do not use Jukes in salt water.

What is the signal range?

We use radio technology to transmit your voice line of sight, up to 1km away - perfect for open water coaching. When you are indoors the range is at most 150m, so perfect for long course pools.

What can I stream to the headsets?

Anything you can connect to the audio-in port on the radio transmitter. Use the microphone provided to stream your voice, or any phone/MP3 player for music or stroke beeps.

What warranty do you offer?

We offer a 12-month warranty on the components and battery. We'll repair or instantly replace on a case-by-case basis.

How do I keep my Jukes kit smelling and looking great?

We use anti-bacterial wipes but a warm soapy cloth will also do the trick, but make sure you rinse off with clean water. Remember to ensure the rubber charge port cover in securely in before you clean. The transmitter and microphone are not waterproof, please clean with a just-damp cloth and do not submerge or use a very wet cloth.

Can I adjust the volume?

Nope, not on the headset, however, your voice has volume control on the transmitter so make sure that is turned right up when you fire it up.

Payment & Delivery

What forms of payment does the shop have?

We don't take cash or cheque (remember them) but everything else. Apply Pay, Google Pay, SHOP pay, any credit card or Bank Deposit.

How can I change my payment method for an order?

LayoutHub is an easy page builder that helps merchants quickly set up an online store with any kind of page type by using our library of pre-designed layouts and blocks.

How do I redeem Jukes referral credit?

When you order online make sure you enter your 'gift' card number at checkout. You can get this by logging into your account if you have previously registered, check your inbox for a copy of it or message me through the website chat and I'll paste the number so it's easy to copy/paste at checkout.

How do I check order status?

After you complete your order, I'll write you an email to say thanks for ordering from my store. Reply to that email or message me through the website chat feature for an update or hang on until you get an email or txt notification of dispatch with your tracking number.

How is shipping fee calculated?

The majority of our packages are worth a lot of money so we use insured, tracked and signed for services. Anything over 1kg is an automatic £15 for UK delivery and up to £50 for international delivery beyond Europe. Below 1kg is £5 in the UK and £15 international.

How do I return my order?

If you're here because of a fault or you've changed your mind, we have a dedicated page to start the returns process. Once we receieve your request the store will email you a returns label if its a fault, or charge you for return if you've changed your mind. 

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