Recycling at MyJukes

Every now and then we are asked what happens to all the packaging when we ship a Jukes 10, 20 or 40 pack. Both of these packs come with a metal case to keep your headsets safe when being transported. 

We thought we'd share some photos of a recent 40-pack build for Tiverton Swimming Club and an explanation of what we do. 

1. Each headset comes from our manufacturing plant in China housed inside plastic packaging, two cardboard inserts, the headset, USB cable and a mains wall plug. 

 2. In the next image, you will see we separate the plastic so that it can be reused! Roughly every 200 plastic sleeves we send back to the manufacturer for them to use again - though you may ask why include them in the first place? These headsets make the almost 6,000-mile journey squeezed 10 to a box so they dont get damaged. The plastic sleeve is designed to fit next to each other perfectly. One is upright (like in the above picture) then one will be upside down.


3. The two cardboard inserts are recycled here in England through the usual process that our Windsor & Maidenhead Council offer. 


4. Lastly, the headset and the USB cable are sent to you of course! The wall plug is only included if a 10-port USB charger is not included in an order, so all the remaining items will eventually be listed for sale on Amazon! We are building up a little bit of stock so that we can tell China to stop including the wall plug in our orders - something we plan on doing from August. 

Well, that's it - if you have any questions please let us know! Hope you enjoyed finding out a little more about recycling here at MyJukes.  


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