Lincoln's Story - a deaf swimmer blooms

Lincoln's Story - a deaf swimmer blooms

Huge impact for a deaf swimmer

This is the story Lincoln's mum left us that made us realise our technology could change the way deaf people can access more sports. Almost two years ago, we now have over 50 deaf athletes around the world from the UK to New Zealand. 

We now know of deaf or blind mountaineers, open water swimmers, elite athletes at the Paralympics, the deaf olympics and horse riders. Please get in touch if you would like to share your story. 

Wow, wow, wow!

Tracy Attrill on Oct 23, 2019

This product is absolutely amazing, my son is profoundly deaf and has been training 3 years with no access to language, the only way he has ever been able to have feedback is for him to come out of the pool, dry his ears, put his hearing aids in and have a conversation with his coach.
The my jukes headset means that he now has instant feedback from his coach and can hear exact instructions without having to look around to see what others are doing.
You can see his stroke/technique/drill instantly improve as his coach is speaking to him - it’s amazing to watch!
I sat poolside with a mixture of emotions one minute excited, happy and buzzing and the next wanting to cry happy tears, watching my boy being about to communicate with his coach.
The coach LOVES the headset and makes full use of it in other sessions when my son isn’t training and wants to purchase more for the club.
To say the club is buzzing, I’m buzzing and my sons buzzing from having this is a total understatement.

Thank you, thank you, thank you my jukes 😊😊😊

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