real-time technical and strategy coaching

Bone conduction headset training system for coaches and athletes

Correct and Improve Technique in Real-time

Help your athletes improve their technique, strategy and winners-mindset quicker than the competition with a Jukes headset training system. Jukes is fully waterproof and uses bone conduction leaving the ears to unobstructed up to 750m away from your location

safer open water swims

Communicate safety instructions and encouragement from the North Sea to the paddling pool

Coach over distances without shouting

Jukes is a radio-based system allowing you to speak with your inside voice over great distances, overcoming background noise and interference with our wired or wireless microphones. A Jukes coach always experiences lower blood pressure and less headaches

Make an impression
Invest in your athletes with a Jukes communications system

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with deaf athletes

...even a golden with bone conduction technology
deaf and training

Lincoln's story has been one of the defining moments for Jukes. The first time we realised the impact our technology could have was the night Lincoln first trained with Jukes.

Benefits of Jukes for a Swimmer

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We've supplied almost 2,500 headsets to 300 clubs and coaches in the UK, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, Philippines, USA and Canada

Fitting a Jukes Headset Correctly

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